Polyglots? it’s all Bulshit!!!

Yesterday a friend of mine called me ”

Hey Stone I got a surprise for you! I’ve got a friend who actually speaks 6 Languages!!! I think you could come over, meet him and have some exchange with him

After having that phone call, I was really eager to meet that guy because the truth is I love languages but I rarely find people like me so it was like an amazing occasion for me to practice more than three languages at once and get some Advice as well!!!

So I got prepared (as as usual) , and I went to meet the guy ! He looked really interesting at a first glance ! We started our conversation in English ( obviously) after 4 minutes or so, I decided to switch to Italian cuz he had told me he actually speaks 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Chinese , Arabic).

When I switched to Italian our conversation became really boring because I was like the only one talking and he was just listening and saying “si”…. “No” which actually means “yes” …”no” and whenever I mentioned the name of a place or a food he knows he would be like “siiiiiiii molto bene” . I felt really uncomfortable with that so I said to myself ” I better take another language.”. So ,I said ” tu parles français “(do you speak French?) and he answered “oui! ” with such enthusiasm . we pursued our conversation and it was the same scenario ! The guy was saying nothing relevant he was just like reciting his French phrasebook . out of a sudden the guy stopped me and said 

listen guy the reality is that I’ve visited 5 countries and I can actually just say “good morning” in 5 languages so, do not take it bad, but I’m not a polyglot, I’m just a traveller!

I was really disappointed after this, but this situation thought me a very important lesson that I want to share with you guys!!!

The time you spend telling people the number of languages you speak , you could spend that time learning and improving your skills in languages! ( we all know the process!).

The objective is not to look like a polyglot but to be able to communicate like a polyglot. The countries you visit are not the languages you speak… The fact that you know some words in a language does not mean you are a speaker of that language if not I would say I speak more than 250 languages!!! Hell yeah! Because there are more than 250 languages in Cameroon and I know at least two words in each of these languages.

So guys! Stay cool and learn languages. From your way of expressing yourself , people are going to tell you “wow !! You speak very well” 

See you guys it was your folk Stone


5 thoughts on “Polyglots? it’s all Bulshit!!!

  1. It can also happen that people who don’t understand the first thing about languages will see someone doing something in another language and automatically assume that the person speaks it. It has happened to me a few times. For instance, when I was 12, I loved drawing, and one of my favourite subjects for drawing were Japanese anime & similar. So I usually copied the names of the characters, the way I found them, in Japanese. That was enough for my schoolmates to assume that I was a fluent Japanese speaker. I only found out about that when an exchange student from Japan came to our school. Everybody enlisted me right away as a translator. Needless to say, it was rather embarassing. Fortunately, the guy already spoke Portuguese, and he understood when I showed him my drawings and explained the situation.


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