What is funny about Learning languages

Hey guys! Good morning. I’ve been learning languages for quite a while! (14 years) and when I sit down quietly in my room , at times I find myself laughing because of some facts in the field. So , today I found myself laughing again and I said to myself:” hey guy! You’re gonna get rid of this burden an share what you feel!” That’s the main reason why I’m here writing instead of …. Hmmm.

The first thing that amuses me is that no matter how much time you spend learning a given language, The worst native speaker of that language will always feel more comfortable and confident speaking  that language than you!Isn’t it funny  to see a 4years old child being more confident speaking English than a 29years old grandpa?! Maybe its more frustrating than funny.

Hey guys I’m sure you would have enjoyed reading more but I have to rush ! I’m hearing loud screams outside ….so I have to take my super Livingstone’s cape to go and save the world! Lol just kidding

You too surely got things that you see as funny for a language learner. Feel free to add them in the comment section.

See you tomorow


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