Hey guys, am just just kind of boring so am gonna write a little bit!

You know the journey to “polyglot City” is one of the hardest , but also one of the most funny trip. I’m engaged into three languages simultaneously and I can’t actually say its easy but I see the funny side of everything. It helps me getting more disciplined more focused.

Yesterday I was having a conversation about languages with some pals and I had a phone call from a friend of mine(kind of virtual friend coz I’ve never met him). Two days before , I had requested some help with English (given that its not my mom language). When I picked up the call  , the started speaking and guess what?! I WAS UNABLE TO PRONOUNCE A SINGLE WORD!!! I just hang up the call and I was like: “Guy you’re a loser!!!” So a friend of mine ( a real friend) told me thus inspiring words: “Guy you’re gonna lift up your eyes and look forward ! Practice makes perfect and you should not be afraid or ashame of your mistakes you should rather learn from them” Those words comforted me ! As am writting now , i’ve just bought new movies from amazon and  watching them!!! I’ve to go!

See you guyZZ


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