Welcome to my blog

hi! i’m happy to have you here in my “house”! If you’re here, it may mean that  we share the same passion..THE LOVE OF LANGUAGES

Oops ! sorry I didn’t introduce myself. So, my name’s Livingstone A.N ( but some of my friends call me stone) ,  i’m studying languages (French , English , Italian) in Dschang University, Cameroon.My mother tongue is French, or more precisely YEMBA (A local language).

   Since childhood , I’ve always been attracted and passionate by Languages( It’s true i had other passions as well) . At a certain age and after spending sometime learning those languages, I find out that the best way to get  fluency in any Language is PRACTICING… and in order to pratice , to share what I know and to learn more , I decided to join some groups such as : THE ENGLISH CLUB, SPANISH CLUB…. and I can remember I once was the president of our college English club ( funny right?!!).

After sharing my knowledge with my friends, we decided to extend the field and create an online community of people like “us”.That’s the main reason for our blog.

We will talk about so much topics on various languages but dear folks the main language we’re gonna use is ..English so as to make our contents available and readable for everyone!!! because as we all know,if there’s something common to all of us , it’s certainly English.

So, thank you for spending few seconds of your time reading all stuff (lol)  I’ve been writting above . feel free to answer or ask questions.

Stay tuned for the next post and …happy browsing


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryan says:

    hi guy !!! that’s great to share what you know…#big up!!!


  2. Elina McGill says:


    Is Yemba an African dialect or variation on French? I’ve never heard of it. I don’t know much about African languages.

    Good luck on your language journey!


    1. Livingstone says:

      Yemba is an African dialect, one of 250 Languages spoken in Cameroon!
      Thank you!


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